How Much Of Me Is Too Much?

How much of you can I have?
Can I have the you of my dreams?
The you I pray I will get to see every night before I go to sleep?

It is the you that differs from night to night.
That leaves me drowning in the sorrow,
And keeps me smiling in the light.

The you that tells me you love me one day,
and tells me nothing the next,
The you I can’t get enough of
When that “you” is at his best.

Can I keep the you that grabs my hand,
And tells me not to be afraid?
Or will I get the you that scares me
And always makes me wait.

When do I get to see you?
The you I get to see from time to time
The one that I can’t stop kissing,
Who never leaves my mind.

The you that makes me laugh tears and cry joy.

How much of me is enough?
Do you think that I will ever be
Someone that you want to see?

Or will I continue to see the you of dreams,
The you who isn’t always what he seems.

How much of me is too much?
Am I so kind to you that you feel you don’t deserve my love?
Do I love you too much, you think you can never be enough?

How much is your love?
How many smiles is your heart worth?
How many words about you being my earth
My sun, my sky,
How many times of me saying
You are the only guy.

How much of me is too much?
What are the parts of me that are making you cringe?
The parts that are overbearing?
Perhaps too unhinged?

Is it my unconditional love?
The way I give you space, when you’re not ready to open up?
The way I make room in my heart for you, even when you don’t have enough?
The way I take on your pain, when the going gets too tough?

How much is too much?
Because I’m afraid this is the only way I love.

And if you don’t want to love
Or be loved in return,
Then I might just be
Too much of a concern.




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