7 Signs You’re Giving Up And Settling In Your Relationship

After many failed relationship attempts, I started to think that maybe I’ve been a little too picky in terms of dating.

I had been in relationships with several great and good looking guys, who all had plenty of wonderful qualities. I was reminded constantly by my friends and family that each one was a “great catch.”

When I would find myself feeling sad or lonely in those past relationships, I just wrote my feelings off as being too needy, or too emotional.

I once even had an ex tell me straight up that I ask for way too much, so I started thinking that maybe he was right and I would just be lonely forever.

I started to think that maybe I complained about things that others just dealt with and I needed to suck it up. Maybe, when I thought something was “missing” from the relationship, it was really just a bad judgment call. Maybe my boyfriends really were treating me well, and I was the one who needed to try harder.

The fear of being alone and the risk of losing someone who was potentially a great fit for me was always far too great to just end the relationship. After all, being single would mean starting over.

Click these words to see the full article on Elite Daily. 

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