Why The Key To Getting Over A Relationship Is To Stop Looking For Closure

In a perfect storybook world, everything thing has a beginning, a middle and an end.

You begin one chapter feeling like something wonderful is coming, and once that chapter has concluded, you move on to the next one with a feeling of excitement for what lies ahead.

At the end of the book, perhaps you have some amazing feeling of accomplishment, or felt so many emotions throughout that you are more established and knowledgeable as a result.

You know there are no more chapters waiting to be read, and you pick up a different book.

I can read a million books and know when to start and where to stop.

Open the front cover, turn the pages, then close the back cover. It’s not rocket science.

Sometimes a book has me so engrossed, I never want it to end. And after it does, I can be emotional for weeks. But the bottom line is it’s over, and I have learned something from reading it.

So I’m wondering: Have I ever turned to someone at the end of a book and said, “I don’t think I got enough closure from reading this. I’m going to go back, try to rewrite it and hopefully get a different outcome so I can move on with my life?”

Click these words to see the full article on Elite Daily.

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