The Long Lost Art of Gratitude.

When you think of a “lost art,” what sort of things come to mind? For me, I consider a lot of things to be lost arts in this modern world: calling people on the phone, reading books, writing letters, courtship, devotion, the list goes on and on. It took recently engaging in one of those lost arts (writing letters) to realize another lost art that we often forget about in this generation of easily accessible communications and services: gratitude.

Before this past month, I can’t remember the last time I mailed someone a letter or a postcard, if ever. Maybe when I was little, before Facebook and texting were invented, my mom sent out birthday party invitations and thank you cards to my friends. But as far as I can remember, all my birthday plans and scheduled events have been planned via Facebook and group chats.

I give people Hallmark type cards for special occasions like a birthday party, wedding, bridal shower, etc. because it is usually expected. I’ve also received invitations for those types of events, both electronically and physically. But other than that, I only ever get bills and junk in my mailbox.

So what other reason would anyone have to send someone a letter or card? Do people still have pen pals? Does anyone have to take a physical pen to a piece of paper these days?

The Gratitude Challenge, by Enspirited Projects, was presented to me about a month ago by an old friend and mentor of mine, and immediately, I wanted to take it on. After all, I love gratitude and I love challenges, so I figured what’s not to like?

As a plus, “sharing love and appreciation across the world,” is written right on the cards, and that sounds like a mantra practically written for me. Of course, I accepted the challenge with open arms.

Enspirited Projects sent me a small bundle of 30 postcards with instructions to send at least one each day to a person who made a positive influence on my life.

When I sat down to brainstorm who I wanted to thank, I was unpleasantly surprised by how long it took me to think of 30 people. I realized how much of a challenge being grateful can actually be.

It is so easy to forget the things and people in life that we are grateful for, when we do not take the time to think about them on a daily basis. My favorite part of this experience, was being able to not only recognize those people, but also admit to them how important they really are.

The challenge forced me to reflect on the overlooked challenges I go through as a part of life, but in a more positive light. Suddenly, I realized I have SO many people to be thankful for. Suddenly, I felt filled with love and appreciation as my pen took to each and every card I thoughtfully wrote out.

I thanked friends, both old and new, families of friends who I have always considered a family to me, each member of my own immediate family, co-workers, and even people I lost touch with over the years.

Another perk of sharing love and appreciation, is seeing how infectious it can be. When I received amazing feedback from the people I thanked, I thought about how often these people must have helped me, and never really knew how much I appreciated it.

So many of my friends sent me photos of the postcards when they received them with messages such as, “I appreciated how you took the time out of your day to think of me,” or, “That was so sweet and thoughtful, I loved it!”

It made me realize a little bit can go such a long way. How little of my life was affected by having to write a small note, and how big of an impact did it make on someone I care about? Those are the small arts in life that we take for granted.

In an effort to hold on to the art of gratitude, and not lose sight of the things that are important, I challenge everyone reading this, to participate in the Gratitude Challenge. In the next week, Espirited Projects will send one bundle of 30 thank you cards, as seen below, to 3 winners.

To enter, first, share this post via Facebook or twitter and use the hashtag #BandEPGratitutideChallenge. Then, comment below saying one thing you are grateful for.


You can make such a positive influence on someone’s life, just by taking two minutes out of yours each day. And trust me when I say the results are worth every second.

Such a beautiful art form and great cause should not go unnoticed. I want to thank Espirited Projects for the opportunity to spread love and positivity to the people close to me, and for promoting such a great mission.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by appreciating those who have a special place in our lives and our hearts.


Disclaimers: I only promote products and companies that I personally believe in. The beliefs expressed in this article are strictly my own and not the opinions of an employer. The product was sent to me by the company, Enspirited Projects. This is not a paid promotion. 

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