Why It’s Not The Worst Thing In The World To Drift From Your College Friends

Graduating college can be terrifying. Some might even say it’s the beginning of “real” adulthood. One of the realities I came to face when I transitioned from college student to nine-to-fiver was that I was no longer surrounded by people close to my own age where ever I went. I was beginning to spend a majority of my time with my co-workers, and significantly less time with my closest friends.

In college, I was never truly alone. Unless you count the internal monologue of a lost undergrad, college students are almost always close to people. I took class with my friends, ate with my friends, partied with my friends and lived with my friends (seven of them to be exact). I was never worried about leaving my house in the morning and going through my day without seeing at least one friendly face.

No matter how prepared you might be for graduation and life after college, it’s normal to be nervous about losing your college friends. Maybe you have a job lined up and are planning on moving into an apartment with your friends instead of moving back home so you’re in denial that these friends will ever leave your side.

Maybe you think that even when they start getting married, moving out and having kids that you can still party on the weekends and contribute to your friends’ group chat all day long. But part of growing up is having added responsibility and a lot less free time. Sooner or later, these friends will stop being readily available for you and you may start to drift away.

As someone who has already started the process of drifting away from college friends, here are some reasons why I think it’s not the worst thing in the world:

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