If Your SO Plays Any Of These 6 Games, It’s Time To End The Relationship

When games are played in a relationship, they should be ones that are fun for everyone involved. If things are getting a little too stale and serious for you and your SO, then I would suggest adding some Monopoly into the mix. But certain games that your SO plays can end up causing more harm than happiness.

The phrase “playing games” is too familiar in relationships these days. They are mostly used as a tactic to make you or your SO feel better when problems begin to arise in the relationship, but in reality make things a whole lot worse. They may give one person an advantage, but they ultimately create a divide between you and your partner.

The art of toying with someone’s emotions has no place in a stable, healthy relationship. If your SO is playing games, they probably have a hard time communicating with you, and are more inclined to avoid problems by directing them elsewhere.

There are a lot of ways relationship problems can be directed away from yourself. People who are insecure often have a very hard time handling problems, and will start to pit their problems against somebody else. They will take problems in the relationship and instead of accepting them, they will use them to get even.

Your SO may think that all is fair in love and war, but when it comes to playing games, it’s all about winning, which means one of you will have to lose.

You may feel like you are doing something wrong because you are losing in your relationship. Mind games can make you feel weak, helpless and determined to come out on top. There are certain games that are used frequently that will make you feel like your SO is working against you instead of with you. These are the games that stop being fun, and start making you realize that it’s time to end the relationship.

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