In a world full of #relationshipgoals, #baegoals, #hairgoals, and #makeupgoals, I have decided that I have some #goals of my own. However, when people are commenting “goals” on other people’s Instagram photos, as much as I love the idea of boosting people up, it implies that our goals are a reflection of others.

I choose not to live my life in the shadow of people who may be more attractive than me, may be more successful than me, or may be in a happy relationship when I am not. Wishing to have what others have will not change the things I have now. Those “things” I wish to achieve are all within my grasp, but it requires changing myself, and not following the goals of others.

I am in control of my own life. I choose to stay on my own track, rather than get distracted by what I do NOT have. Instead, I think of what I DO have, what I LIKE about my current situation, what makes me UNHAPPY in my current situation, and what I DESIRE to achieve. If there is anything in your situation that you do not like, you have the ability to change it. Complaining about others will not better your situation and make things happen for your self.

If you find yourself trying to be better, and taking the necessary actions, but something is blocking you, remove the force that is stopping you. Some people will not want to change with you, and get left behind. Instead of trying to change them, focus on your own goals. I guarantee you will find so much happiness, that people will be begin writing “goals” on your Instagram pictures. You might be sad for a while, but people are not meant to follow you. You can only lead by example, and hope that people will want to meet you at your level.

I started this blog to increase positivity in my own life, and hopefully inspire others to be positive and help them grow. It was a goal of mine that I had for a while, and was able to achieve, only by taking the necessary steps forward. For a year, it was just a thought that existed in my mind, and I allowed myself to be distracted by what other people wanted. I was afraid others might not respond well to it. I was afraid to be vulnerable. I thought it wouldn’t be GOOD enough. But after creating it, I realized that if I want to inspire others, I must by true to myself. I found so much peace and happiness in creating it, that I want to have more goals moving forward and make sure to stand by them, no matter what tries to make me falter.

These are goals I will read to myself, to serve as reminders when I need a little push:

Be the Change You Want to See in People.

My life has been a lot of preaching/ranting about things I wish were different in the world, or being sad about things outside of my control. Instead of complaining, I am going to just be the best version of myself, and hope that it comes across in everything I do. I am going to BE the person I wish everyone else would be, and live my life full of love, hope, and happiness, no matter what tries to break me.

Be Responsible for Your Own Actions and Nobody Else.

I can’t live my life in the shadows of other people, or try to live others’ lives for them. I need to make sure that I am pursuing my own dreams, and taking accountability for my own actions. If I make a mistake, I can fix it. If I hurt someone, I can apologize. If I get off track, I can get back on. As long as I am learning, I am growing. I am only human, and humans are flawed. I will use my flaws to motivate me to be a better person.

Surround Yourself With Positive People.

No more surrounding myself with negative people. This goes along with not taking responsibility for others’ actions, because if someone chooses to be negative, I can’t waste my energy resolving their personal matters. People will always have problems, and it is okay to be there for them, but the ones who bask in the problems, will bring you down.

When Others Try to Stop You, Keep Growing.

There will always be outside forces that try to bring you down. There will always be people talking about you, wondering why you seem so “behind” because you don’t have the best career or you’re not married. You will get there when you are ready, but don’t let the doubts hold you back. If you feel like you are doing okay, then you are. You do not need to be defined by what others think of you.

Don’t Take Anything Personally.

Know your truth. Know why you are doing whatever it is that you are doing. If people think your reasons aren’t good enough, don’t fight them. Don’t get defensive, and don’t let the world make you mean. If people are mean to you, that is a reflection of them. They worry about what you are doing, so they don’t have to worry about themselves. Be self-aware. Be kind to others even when they are mean to you. You have a good heart. You have people in your life who respect you. And most important, you have self-respect.

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