Marriage Isn’t the End of Liberty, It’s the Pursuit of Happiness.

I hear it far too often. Once I’m in a relationship the fun ends. You begin to fear that you can no longer stay out at the club until 4 am, because now someone is sitting at home waiting for you. It occurs to you when you no longer see your friends at a party, that they are at home with their wives or girlfriends, most likely getting the life sucked out of them. You hang on with every shred of your existence to those moments where all you have to worry about is doing what you want to do, whenever you want to do it, because one day, society will you force into an unhappy marriage where you will be bored to death every day and wishing you were back in the glory days, when your only problems started and ended with your head in the toilet.

Well, I’m sorry, but I disagree.

Marriage is not the end of liberty, it is the beginning of it, and if you believe otherwise, you will end up with someone who, quite frankly, isn’t that happy to be married to you either.

Now I’m not saying that everyone has to get married. Maybe your happiness doesn’t entail a life that encompasses another person. All I’m saying is that it’s something that should not and will not end your life, so don’t let fear stop you. If you find the right person, they will want to embark on a magical adventure with you and the fun will never end. There will be hard days, but the list of fun things that you want to do together will never cease.

I believe that life begins when you meet the person you can have fun with, who won’t make you feel like your relationship is a black hole for your freedom. It’s not that you won’t have the liberty to do the things you once did, you just won’t have the desire to do them. When you want to go tear up the club, you will want the right person tearing it up with you. When you want adventure, your partner will grab the bull by the horns, and ride with you. You will see that once someone chooses you, it’s because they want to enjoy life with you, and can’t imagine life without you. You will be able to leave behind the things that once made you feel free from burden, for someone who is now happy to hold your burden for you and prepare you for a whole different world you never knew.

There will be passionate debates at 3 am, there will be disagreements about who’s right and who’s wrong, but it will never be boring. If you think of fun as having a finish line when you get in a relationship or get married, the rest of the adventure will cease to have meaning. So instead of regarding the relationship as the end of the journey, think of it as the beginning of a new one and stop turning around because you drew an imaginary finish line at your feet.




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